Choosing the right lamp is not as easy as it seems. There are a number of factors to can influence your choice such as style, size of the room, height of the ceiling, functional light vs decorative light.

At Lighting Design suppliers UK we can help you through the process.

It is important to consider the style of the space when selecting the right light fixture. Furniture style and colour scheme of the environment must be taken in consideration to understand if the room needs a statement piece or something more simple that blends in. There must be a consistency in the overall style and lighting should somehow complete the environment and not breaking it. 

Size of the room and height of the ceiling have to be taken in count to understand what the room can support in terms of light dimension and drop. If for example, you have low ceilings and you will have to walk under the light it would be wise to choose a flush or semi-flash ceiling light instead of a pendant light. Again, if the light is installed in a corner to create mood or it is on the top of a dining table or a bench, you can chose a pendant light even with low ceilings as you will not walk underneath and you will be also to drop it lower. Dimension of the room are important too. if you have a small environment you will need something discrete in terms of size but that can still make a statement if is required. 

Functional Light Vs Decorative Light:
Choosing the right amount of light for the environment means putting light where needed and wanted and eliminating it elsewhere. At Lighting Design Suppliers UK we understand the space and we do suggest options according to your needs. Technical lighting helps to achieve the right amount of light output, Decorative lighting can be used to make a statement or to create mood light. Then again you can select fixture that have both functionality.

  • Basic functional lights: use recessed to cover your basic needs

  • Feature lights: choose them to make a statement, they add character to the space more than be functional

  • Task lights: chosen for reading, cooking, eating. They do shine on the task

  • Detail lights: incorporate lighting into the design to create cool effects like under a shelf or under a cabinet, kitchen bench

  • Accent lights: when you want to capture attention to a particular feature ion the environment, like an artwork

Overall, At Lighting Design suppliers UK we suggest to always use dimmers in order to alter the light effect according to the individual liking and be ready for any type of moment or mood.