BEDROOM LIGHTS: What to choose?

Bedrooms are our intimate space where we can close ourselves in and leave the rest of the world out.
Light your space to make it cosy but also functional! Different types of lighting should be chosen for the bedroom according to their functionality. 

Pendants help to replace the missing natural lights during the night and create mood in the environment.

In the chance you prefer to have downlights you could use pendants as bedside lights - an example here below - Castore 14 by Artemide Lighting or Unika by Northern lighting 

Directional Wall lights and table lights are very functional and help when you want to relax and read something while chilling in bed. Here an Example of Tolomeo Spot Light by Artemide lighting - Birdy wall light by Northern Lighting and Tizio table Light , Melampo table light by Artemide Lighting 

At Lighting Design Suppliers you will be able to receive guidance during the selection of designer lights uk for your bedroom - contact us for a e-consultation.