Darc Room - London 21/23 September


Darc Room will take place at B1, a unique 22,000 sqm space in Victoria House in Holborn, in the heart of London, from September 21st – 23rd 2017 during London Design Festival.

David Trubridge will be exhibiting during the event and you will be able to admire the stunning design at the Booth 002.

Trubridge has had a long-standing passion for the environment, deepened by his time at sea.
Wherever possible, all timber is from sustainably managed plantations in New Zealand, or the United States. Wood is left natural where appropriate, with natural non-toxic oils being used in place of harmful solvents. From a design point of view, the products use only the minimal amount of materials and are generated with a focus on longevity, rather than mimicking quick-moving trends. 

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