DESIGNERS: Andreas Engesvik
BRAND:  Fontana Arte
USAGE: Indoor

DIMENSIONS: 15cm W 24cm H
LAMP:  1x11W E14 Fluo

WARRANTY: 2 Year(s)

LEAD TIME: If not in stock 4-6 weeks

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Blom is a small table lamp by Andreas Engesvik, a Norwegian designer who has made a name for himself on the international scene thanks to his ability to instil emotions, appeal and ideas into everyday objects. Taking up very little space, just 24 cm tall with a diameter of 15 cm, Blom is a light, fun lamp that is easy to pick up and move and suitable for any purpose. Its name, a contraction of the word blomst, which in Norwegian means flower, is inspired by its petal shaped blades. Intensity can be adjusted thanks to the two petals that gently embrace the diffuser, rotating on the base to shield the glare depending on personal requirements: with the petals aligned the lamp emits maximum light. The compact fluorescent bulb guarantees good effective lighting with low energy consumption.